Saturday, June 11, 2011


There's a girl sitting in a deep dark corner. Nobody sees her but I hear her call my name. There in the silence she grins on her own and lies in total absolution from all truth and blame. There is a secret waiting to break free. A secret set of wings that are waiting to spread. All that stands between her and her freedom is but a moment. A glimpse of a wish she once made. The curl of her sleek black hair lies in place by her cheek. The make up that hides the lines of the tears she once shed. There in the mirror she sees her reflection.. She sees beauty beyond all she had imagined. Beauty once lost in the shadow of doubt. Beauty once thrown away by a heart once pure. Looked past all the good in the light and fallen straight into shame and endless storms of blame. Maybe it took too long. Maybe it was worth the wait. Strangers that encountered love in a friendship held so dear. Tonight belongs to me as tomorrow will to you. The night is no longer ours because I'm done giving in to you. I'm done being the bleeding sleeve in all your endless heartaches. I'm done shielding my heart from what I know was to be. The time caught up to us and now it's time to face your demons. They whirlwinds in you have come to haunt you and my love, I cannot solve what is yours to learn. I cannot wake you up from this nightmare you put us in. My sunrise is mine to watch and if you're ready to face today, my sunrise will be ours to share. No more night skies and starry strolls. No more running from demons to shadows. No more secrets, no more separate lives. If you're ready we'll let our hearts stop competing to survive but finally let them combine and rise.. I love you now and always will and that is all I can bring myself to say..

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Breaking free

and when the little sparrow sits by her window, she watches the wind dance between the leaves of her favourite cherry tree. The music of the stringed angels play through her feathers and tell her a story of the years gone by. As she lies awake beneath the sunlight, mending her broken little wing she joins the wind in its little dance and she sings through thundering sounds of rain. She sings through the day and all through the night. Break free of this cage that binds you and stop imagining the reality before you. Be what is and what can be.. Feel what you have and all that you can feel. The wind is but beneath your wing. The sun beams his rays on your window sill and nothing but your cage is keeping you there. Leap the leap with all the might of your little heart and break free of the shadowed palace that keeps you captive. Claim your daylight from the moon and the stars and claim the moonlight from all the shadowed friends you are so fond of.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let me out of this nightmare.. set me free..

We could fade into a distant memory.. All the painted seashores and all of the moonlight glances when it felt like it was just u and me. Beneath the starlight and hidden in the shadows where we are all that we need to be. Everything seems so simple and yet everything could just be swept away with the sands of time of unfortunate mistakes.. One split moment, one false move.. A love so strong in so much frailty. We could be stronger than pillars standing tall. We could be amazing beyond all doubt. What stands between us, but a decision. A wall standing in the way of everything that we could be. I'd hold your hand when times get rough, I'd love you when it feels like theres no one around. I'd do me and you'd do you just like we did before, we'd be everything we are without a doubt in the world. Nothing to hold us down. Nothing to fear. No more running from love itself. Circling my thoughts with daggers in my sides thinking how we got here. Where did we go wrong but more so how in the world did we not see all of the right? I'm in my head behind bars that hold me back. I'm afraid just like you. I'm hanging on this cliff but I'm ready to jump off it with you. Never before have I stood by in the shadows and yet here I lie within the depths of my soul. Afraid I'm lost in the circumstances of a bad dream that won't go away. I scream inside and my eyes are grey. My sparkle is yours and my faith is strong. Lead me not into another nightmare. Don't make me have to say goodbye this time. I'm tired of letting go, of giving in to all the circumstances of life.. I'm fighting like hell, punch in the face and tearing at the very core of my heart. I'm enduring this wounds and I'll look beyond all my scars. I'm fighting for this. I'm fighting for you and I don't wanna give up. Let our dance not be in vain for it was a beautiful night a beautiful day.. Baby let us have this chance. I'm tired of being alone and I'm tired of allowing the world to fall in love with me left behind with nothing but a memory, nothing but a dream..

Friday, January 21, 2011


Grab hold of all that you hold dear to you. Not in fear that one day will not come but in faith that all that you have infront of you will forever be held with love and care. With the steady hands of unwavering endurement of all the bad things that are inevitable. Being free to lose control of yourself knowing that the one person that loves you will love all about you without fear or doubt. The signature of hands clasped together will be written among the stars and with that the stars light up each night only but to whisper the unending tale of what is unquestionable. Beyond rhyme or reason a constellation steals your gaze and you find yourself staring into each others eyes. Lost in a moment when the music holds us warm in its embrace. The world around us stops and stares for awhile to watch the secret in play. The story untold in a tango never so clear as when your hand is holding me close by your side. Daydreams and fairytales.. They become real..

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beyond a broken bridge..

I close my eyes and apologize for all the lies I told myself. I looked away from all the truth that laid awake beneath the broken bridge beyond the star glazed road. To my surprise in the nick of time I closed a broken door. Soon to wake before the quake of the wonders beyond rainbows. I know my truth and I know yours and you know what lies in reality. An escape beyond the clasps of humanity was what we stole and made ours. Tonight I see before my very eyes the truth that you are captive of. I apologize that I can't stand by and watch my shadows fight in the day time. I was captivated in your gaze and my hands lost in your grasp. I let my mind drift away and along with it I got lost in yours. In your head there was nothing but hope nothing but bright skies and yet nothing for love. Unprepared, undiscovered we're waiting in lost words. Worlds twirling in whirlwinds of rage and yet the seas are calm.. The ship is sailing beyond your bay and you've just watched it pass. You never stopped to lend a gaze and now the white sail is gone. Sweet sorrows will blow away and soon the wounds will be healed but look your way and know that I say my love was true. Say goodbye and say goodnight for tommorows will last all night through..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Stolen little nibbles of a bite too big. All down the gutter of things that just weren't meant to be. End it now when nothing more is lost. Leave now broken before the little pieces are gone. Never again to lose myself to dwell in a realm of darkness beyond all else. I must pick up these sweet nothings and make it wonderful everythings that just don't matter anymore. Define this moment as the hour calls for the bell to ring. Chime through this chapter and end it with infinity. All that is lost in ones lonesome kiss is all that remains in a lover's drift. Sonnets written of long awaited love is all crumbled and tossed away in the new man's world. Thoughts adrift and lies that lay swift. Tonights the night and tommorows no longer exist.. Bring me back to todays and what ifs.. Let me be lost in all my amazings within. Let the rainbow surpass the clouds in the sky and let me stop my dreams of stupid you and I's..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My moon is fading and the sunshine is no more. Twilights are over and now I must live on my own. Let go of the clouds in the skies for now they have all my stories laid to line. All my stolen daydreams and all my laughter filled nights. I miss you.. I miss you.. And I'll miss you tonight. I hate goodbyes and now I hate hellos. The tidings come to an end much like every other good show. I hate goodbyes and solemn vows. Secret lies that only I know. Everybody shares fate but one me shares faith in all the unkept promises in the forbidden gardens. Every star as my witness but noone to comfort. I am cold and scared. Lost in a distance. Nobody knows my name and only I know of this game. My heart stops beating and suddenly my eyes are glazed. Darkness shroud me and take away this pain. Restore my golden rays and let me be awakened once more. Let this be my saviour, my knight in shining armour. Let this tale end with a happy ending for I can't stand another broken piece in my little heart..